w/ Victor Stancov
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/ˈsɪmp(ə)lˈ/ – adjective
uncomplicated in form, nature or design.
“enjoy the simple things”

Simple, not at all common, the [simple:tracks] concept lies at the border of joy and simplicity, where the real shape of happiness can be revealed, where we forget all of our daily issues.
As the name would suggest, the aim is to find pleasure and joy in the simple things, delivering dance floor focused cuts for groove seekers.
The Mole - 17 Day Parade
Bogdan - Butler
Difid - Brahma 3.3
Hyenah - Once a Man feat. Aquarius Heaven
Philipp Priebe - Sunset Memories (Jacques Bon & Drux Remix)
Yama Music - Ddderloon Party
Marvin Gain - Necuvintele
Monsieur Georget - Neige de St Tropez
Data 17 - Who Got Da Drops
The Mole - Vetafit
LondonGround - Alone (M.A_Remix)
Mandar - Blubay
Dana Ruh - HOWL008.3
Delano Smith - Where Am I
Howl Ensemble - HOWL12.1
Jay Bliss - Zambet De Soare
Laurence Guy - Saw You for the First Time
HNNY - Always (long edit)
Shimmy Sham Sham - SSS004 - A
The Mole - That Is Nice
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