w/ Victor Stancov
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/ˈsɪmp(ə)lˈ/ – adjective
uncomplicated in form, nature or design.
“enjoy the simple things”

Simple, not at all common, the [simple:tracks] concept lies at the border of joy and simplicity, where the real shape of happiness can be revealed, where we forget all of our daily issues.
As the name would suggest, the aim is to find pleasure and joy in the simple things, delivering dance floor focused cuts for groove seekers.
Ernesto Ferreyra - Out There
Ernesto Ferreyra - L'alga Rabia
Submod - IP05
Yulia Niko - The Only Dream
Ernesto Ferreyra - Self Contento
Pavlicu - Faith
Victor Stancov - Georgie's Units (Mike Shannon Remix)
iO (Mulen) - Reponce Profonde (Original Mix)
Johnny D - Orbitalife (Original Mix)
Mihai Popoviciu, Markus Homm, Jay Bliss - Bis Co (Original Mix)
Nick Curly - Mavis (Original Mix)
Spencer Parker - Ddbb (Original Mix)
Kaz James, Nick Morgan - Paradise (Original Mix)
Sandy Rivera, LT Brown - Come Into My Room feat. LT Brown (Dub)
J Gabriel & Mojo District - I Know
Gregor Salto, DJ Gregory - Canoa
Hyenah - King Kobra
Traumer - Classroom
Marcel Wave - 27 Holton (Serafin's Back to New York Re-Interpretation)
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