Soil and Sound: Liminal Sounds

w/ Mrtmr
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In this space, we showcase past, present and future dub-influenced music. Based in Bristol, UK, Soil and Sound release and collaborate with artists from all corners of the globe. As a label, we like to explore sound from the past and reveal how music evolves and becomes distorted over time, constantly reinventing itself.
Skruff - Sanguine
Teffa - North Pole
MusiQueTemple - Forbidden Land (Dark Mode Mix)
Somah - Bozrah
Mungk - Elephant Mud Pit
Frenk Dublin - Aoukili
No Remorse - IPA
B-Say - Mash Up
Loutan - Arisen (Mana Drop Remix)
Breez - ??? (Instrumental)
Moosiqunt & Gnischrew - Locksmith ft. Kinetical
JAI - Laws
Frenk Dublin - Fire Just A Shot ft. Tenor Youthman (Masis Remix) x EAST MANNA MAN
Temporal - Yakka
Mrtmr - West St. Blues
Gnischrew & Tinky & Ruffian Rugged - Deux Du
Quirk - Purple Jazz
B-Say - Meditation
Breez - Gunmann
Mrtmr - Fire Leap
Inner Echo - My Team ft. Indra MC
Sam ULG - Continual Drift
1Point5 - In The Dark (Quirk Remix)
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