Sonic Sanctuary

w/ dannilov
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This show is dedicated to all the tracks that couldn’t reach the dance floor, or not even the bag, on a weekend night, because they were too experimental or too slow, or maybe too syncopated and dark, to please all the dancers, or perhaps the nights were too short and the bangers were too many… well, this show is made for them, and those who want to listen, up on the radio, and outside of the usual dance floor.

So expect yourself to be taken to different worlds of sound, and meet different perspectives, from a show to another.
Biofeedback - Astral Synchrony
Patricia - The Words Are Just Sound
Pataphysical - Dream Reveal
Square Fauna - Alteration
James Bernard - UW A01
Axael & Arad Acid - My Love Is An Extension Of You
LNS & Dj Sotofett - Soft Peak Mix
E Ruscha V* - Gravity Waves
Mike Redman - Dr. Johnson's legacy
Leila - Underwaters (One For Keni)
Carlos Maria Trindade / Nuno Canavarro - Mecanismos De Corda
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