Sounds Good

w/ Adrian Piciorea
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Consisting of producers Herr Koreander and Leafar Legov, Kettenkarussell is a duo associated with the elusive German techno label Giegling. Their music tends to be minimal yet sentimental, with sparse dub effects rippling over steady beats. Occasionally, light breakbeats or acoustic guitars are present, and a few downtempo or beatless pieces exist in their catalog as well.
Kettenkarussell - Kosmos
Kettenkarussell - Everything
Kettenkarussell - You n Me
Kettenkarussell - Walk with me
Kettenkarussell - Krusty Dreams
Kettenkarussell - Konstant Sleep
Kettenkarussell - New York Blues
Kettenkarussell - I Believe
Kettenkarussell - The End
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