Sounds Good

w/ Adrian Piciorea
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“Sounds Good” is a one hour talk and actively listening to music show where directors, visual artists, sound-designers, vocalists, and so on will take part into an unique debate on how their daily listening to music ritual reflects upon their artistic work. This radio show stands as a cultural manifesto which offers the audience different perspectives with regards to how music & sound influences upon the creative process concerning all artistic domains.
Acid Pauli - Equation of Time
Acid Pauli - Den Mahlstrom Runter
Acid Pauli - Den Mahlstrom Rauf
Acid Pauli - Huch
Acid Pauli - Eulogy to Eunice
Acid Pauli - Sidney
Dhaka Brakha - Seno (Acid Pauli Edit)
Acid Pauli - Legends of Saturn
Acid Pauli - Mississipi
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