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John Constantine might be a strange choice to start a playlist series centered around comic book characters. However, the wise-cracking, trenchcoat-wearing magician has an allure and arrogance that makes him both loved and hated.
Created by Alan Moore and artists Steve Bissette and John Totleben in the 80', John Constantine was a character that looked like Sting by no coincidence. His visual style was borrowed from the English singer.
Moore's John Constantine was built on hints and small pieces of information. But Jamie Delano's run on the Vertigo (DC Comics) got into the character's mind.
Through detailed mythmaking, John Constantine became much more than a visual copycat of the most famous 'Englishman in New York' or just another foul-mouthed cynic with a love for British curse words and intimate knowledge of mystical curses.

He's been in a punk band.
Loved and lost love.
He is an anti-hero.
He's been to hell and back.
He wrestled with demons, literally and metaphorically.
His take on humanity is one of the most real I have ever seen in comics.

If ever there was a comic book character who perfectly embodies the saying art imitates life, John Constantine's smirk would be right there in a museum, next to Mona Lisa's smile.
He is human...just like you or me.
Foo Fighters - The pretender
The Bug feat. Inga Copeland - Fall
Jimmy Hendrix - Voodoo Child
Wolf Mother - Joker and a Thief
Prayers - Young Gods
The Dead Tongues - The Giver
Gill Scott - Heron - New York is killing me
The National - Graceless
The Dead South - In hell I'll be in good company
Johnny Cash & the Royal Philarmonic Orchestra - Man in Black
King Krule - Rock Bottom
Editors - Smokers outside the hospital doors (live)
Sting feat. Eric Clapton - It's probably me
Joseph Salvat - Hustler
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