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Storyboard Sounds #5 - Nightwing

First appearing more than 80 years ago, in April 1940 in Detective Comics #38, Dick Grayson, the junior member of the Flying Graysons circus family, witnesses his parents' deaths in a sabotaged trapeze incident.

Like Bruce Wayne, his journey began with tragedy... and a want for revenge and justice to be served. Preferably by his own hands.

Over the years, Dick matured and spread his wings, flying from under his mentor's shadow and becoming a leader to the Teen Titans, a brother and sparring partner to Damien, the current Robin and a voice of reason for Batman, when darkness seemingly left him without one.

In the early 2000s, Dick takes the role of his mentor becomes The Dark Knight himself for a short while when Bruce is presumed dead.

But who is Nightwing? What makes him stand out from all other Robins? Or the other sidekick turned superheroes from D.C. Comics?

He is one of the few comic book characters who transition from youth to adolescence then maturity by really growing up. Dick Grayson is one of those characters that has managed to evolve with the times, constantly moving from the darkness into the light.

His reactions are human, accessible and the roles he assumes are not forced; they come naturally for a man who managed to get away from the enormous shadow his mentor casts.

He kept his humanity through heartache, regret, rejection, and loss.

And that is why he occupies a special place in my top 10 heroes.
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