Storyboard Sounds

w/ Vlad Sandu
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Have you ever wondered what music would your favorite comic book heroes listen to?
If you could peek into the minds of the Hulk, John Constantine, Batman, Wolverine, or the Joker, what sounds would accompany you in that journey?

Vlad will try to answer this question by going deep into comics lore and creating the personal playlists of known and lesser-known comic book characters by imagining their playlists.

Alone or together with creatives from all around the world who are involved in the comic book industry, the soundtracks of your favorite characters will be born.

An observer, outcast, and part of the generation of “the children of the action figures,” Vlad is an avid music listener & comic book geek, which materialized in a passion for transmedia storytelling and working as a ghostwriter for the last ten years.
Lord Huron - The night we met
Chemical Brothers - The Darkness that you fear
Bicep - Just
Peggy Gou - Shero
Sia - Elastic Heart
Clarian - Moon Rocks
My friend - Clockwork Pigeon
Shida Shahabi - All in circles
DJ Koze - Pick up
Pete Gundry - The Vampire Masquerade
Amos Lee - Black River
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