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We ain't too deep in the woods, and close enough to the gas station.
The bass is doin’ ripples on the swamp and it looks kinda sick.
We got shotguns on standby - but don't worry, we're all about good vibes here. Just bring some beers and you’re cool.
Let the mix dump you to the depths of the swamp - don't trip, it ain't deep, but muddy.
Beware of crocodiles tho, we might get some wild company.
Fat Nick - Upper Decky
Death Dealers Anonymous - Floor Safe
Freddie Dredd/prodby668 - Want (feat. prodby668)
Germ/Shakewell - Peaky Blinders
Onoe Caponoe/L-zee Roselli - Chop 'Em Down - Mosh of the Dead
Smokepurpp/Lil Pump - Nephew (feat. Lil Pump)
City Morgue/ZillaKami/SosMula/Jasiah - CABIN IN THE WOODS
Germ/$uicideboy$ - AWKWARD CAR DRIVE
Take No More/$uicidjego$ - 50 DE GLOANTE
Adam the Shinobi - Gordys Revenge!
Baker Ya Maker - SELF-PORTRAIT
City Morgue/ZillaKami/SosMula - Boy in the Box
Adam the Shinobi - RIP YA!
Grepy - MAMMON
Smokepurpp - Audi.
City Morgue/ZillaKami/SosMula - NECK BRACE
Ghostemane - John Dee
Germ/Black Kray - Live From The Deep End (feat. Black Kray)
$uicideboy$ - The Thin Grey Line
Shakewell/Boobie Lootaveli - Woke Up
Germ/Shakewell - Houston Hangover
Lil Tracy - Filet Mignon
Death Dealers Anonymous/Dj Akoza - Big Lurch
Shakewell/Mikey The Magician - Leglock
Death Dealers Anonymous - In the Trench
Yung Gravy, Pouya, Ramirez & TrippythaKid - The Boys Are Back In Town
Shinigami Tenshi - Doom World
HAARPER - Eye of the Storm (feat. Baker Ya Maker)
Freddie Dredd - Plenty Guns
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