The Beat Conductor

w/ Mighty Boogie
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The Beat Conductor is a one hour surprise ride that will take you trough beats, rolling baselines, and forgotten heroes of the underground landscape.
It could be reggae, hip hop, jungle, drum and bass and everything in between.
Detach - Power Struggle
Aria - Adapted
Cortese - Regatta
DMZE - Let Me Love You
Aria - Real Badman
Gemmy - Ireversabla Culture
Project Lando - Here comes the bass
Y U QT - Pick Me Up
Keith MacEnzie - Th Weekend
Tuff Culture, SG - Good Vibes
Lowco - Sources
Frankel & Harper - Trimmers
Joy Orbinson - Pinky Ring
Stones Taro - Integration
TS7 - Slow Down
WZA - Got me down
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