The Cut

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The radio show mainly includes fresh music and classic tracks with genres ranging from ambient or experimental to IDM or dub techno.
GHIU is active as a DJ and musician for more than a decade. He constantly digs for new music and explores the sonic realms of this world through field recordings he uses in his compositions.
Each show from "The Cut" series is a journey of the mind, heavily mixed and brainlicious.
Sofie Birch - The Sun XIX
Yves De Mey - A F m 1
City of Dawn - Amorphous
Puce Mary - If No One Knows
Atom™ - Rural Girl Simulacrum
Digitonal - Gold of the Azure (Marconi Union Remix)
Orson Hentschel - Antenna Window
Campfire Giant - Crosshatched and Fibrous
Gothenberg Sound Workshop - II (CD2)
Ornu - Panteleimona
Barley & Blush To The Snow - Aura
Matmos - Anti-Antiphon (Absolute Decomposition)
Danny Skripp - The Origin (Wunderblock NoEvolutionDub)
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