Trippin Rippin

w/ Kidahm & Sven Wunder
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Stockholm-based multi-instrumentalist, composer and co-founder of Piano Piano Records joins Kidahm for this month’s episode with a special mix. Sven Wunder’s musical journey stands between Anatolian rock and European jazz-funk, psychedelia and traditional folk melodies. He’s an avid collector of obscure vinyls so it’s only natural for his selection to be vinyl-only.
Salah Ragab - Tribute to Sun-Ra
Sabah - Hully Gully
Orq CBD - Tema da Zorra
La Tromba - Calaba Calaba
Juan Formel & Los Vanvan - Que Viene
Luis Demetrio - Le Di Mi Amor
Blackrock - Blackrock
Baris Manco - İşte Hendek İşte Deve
Son Palenque - Cumbia Africana
J.B. De Caravalho - Luanda
Azimuth - Melo Dos Dois Bicudos
Oscar Sulley & The Uhuru Dance Band - Bukom Mashie
Ezy & Isaac - Bawagbe
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