Unstable Molecules

w/ Scoro & Daria
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The boss of obscure cassette tape label "Orgone Dealers", Scoro has been keeping a steady DJ presence in Bucharest in the past ten years, playing with acts such as Rabih Beaini and Charles Manier.

Lately he's been releasing limited edition gems from Eastern European artists such as 33.10.3402 and Somnoroase Păsărele, but also digging deep into the cassette tape universe, coming up with tricky experimental/drone/ambient sets made using two tape decks. Some other ingredients of Scoro's catalogue—industrial, post-punk and hip-hop can be heard in his new radio show, focusing mostly on contemporary cassette tape releases.

This episode features a guest, Daria, a crate-digger from Bucharest.
Two CC - Electronic Piece 2
Xao Seffcheque - Kassa-Bubu
Pye Corner Audio - Electronic Rhythm Number 3
Davic Chesworth - The Bits that move together
The Flying Lisards - Her Story
Paleis van Boem - 1001 Days
Macadam Mambo - Mori Ra Ajustement
Charles Cohen - Dance of the spirit catchers
Wim Dekker - Yellow serpent
Fabio Orsi - My awesome drugs propaganda
Hajime Tachibana - Miss Thechie & Miss Kipple
Roland Bocquet - Exotique
The Residents - Rest Aria
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