Vinyl Echoes

w/ djf1bi & Nyboe
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Vinyl Echoes is all about exhibiting underground music the analogue way.
Nyboe and djf1b1 are two different generations of hip hop DJ’s. Nyboe who represents the middle generation in Danish hip hop with an autistic mind, memory and approach to music history and collecting and djf1bi who represents the young generation, with a fresh approach to the analogue way.

The main goal of the program is to spread awareness of the real underground hip hop and vinyl record in form of mixing and selecting and therefore, to hopefully inspire and make the hip hop scene more inclusive to women, the LGBTG+ community and underrepresented minorities.

Also to showcase and discuss current topics in the urban culture with tie ins to the podcast, their mixtapes and performances. The two hosts will both select vinyl records for each episode and discuss, contextualize and analyze not just the rapper, but also producers and everything behind the creation of each song.

The two hosts will both select vinyl for each episode, as DJ-mixes, but as single tracks for contextualizing, disclosing and analyzing not just the rappers, but also producers and everything behind the creation of each song. There will also be guests and the main topic is going to be underground hip hop music, through samples and breaks; therefore the show is also going to be all about beats, jazz, library music and funk!

They will also touch on and showcase current topics and events in the urban culture with tie-ins to Nyboe’s Pod, their mixtapes and live performances.

The artwork for the show is made by TUDSE.

Brian Bennett - Nuplex Intro
Awon & Phoniks - Above Water (Instrumental) Background Music
Ham Den Lange & K-liir  - Lever for det, skriver for det Remix
MindsOne & DJ Iron - Horizons (Instrumental) Background Music
Gang Starr - Words That I Manifest
Fede Poul - Communism Background Music
Binary Star - Honest Expression
Stetsasonic - Talking All That Jazz
Damu The Fudgemunk - To RBI Background Music
Eric B & Rakim - In The Ghetto
DJ Embee - On Tour Background Music
Lewis Parker  - Eyes Of Dreams
Joey Bada$$ - Hardknock
Phoniks - Somewhere Background Music
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