Vinyl Echoes

w/ djf1bi & Nyboe
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In the second episode of Vinyl Echoes djf1bi and Nyboe dive into the Danish hip hop scene, from the producers' point of view.

Denmark may seem like a small country, but it’s a big country on the hip hop map and has had a huge output and impact on not just the national but also international hip hop scene.

Big up to all the legends and all the one we forgot to mention. There are so many from when the first Danish producers started in New York in the late 80’s to now where we have several producers not just in the underground, but also in the mainstream.

There is one only language spoken when it’s about Vinyl Echoes and that’s hip hop!

Go beyond the geographical borders and you will discover a world through music, a world that we call the real hip hoop shit!
B.G. Knocc Out & Dresta - D.P.G./K Instrumental (Produced by Madness 4 Real) (intro)
DJ FMD - Stay (Background Music)
2Pac - Old School (Produced by Soulschock, Jay B & Ezi Cut)
AskeAG - Boom Bap Around Midnight (Background Music)
The Prunes - Nuff Said (Mute)
Context - Copenhagen Claimin’ Respect Instrumental (Background Music)
HansSOLO & Sincere feat. Philo - Finesse (1997)
Mike B - Mike Check (Background Music)
Intensiv MC feat. Pede B - Paradis Forsvundet (Produced by Femma’r)
Axian feat. Alcynoos, Aywee Tha Seed & Kydual - Ocean Waves (Background Music)
Hus Kingpin - Milliseconds (Produced by Swab)
Berlin Zoo - Zoology (Background Music)
Sofa T feat. Khal Allan - Fluesvamp
Jabar Ligla - Ahmad (Background Music)
KVBeats feat. Royce Da 5’9”, Pacewon & DJ Noize  - 5’9+Won
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