Vinyl Echoes

w/ djf1bi & Nyboe
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In this episode of VINYL ECHOES the two hosts explore two facets of Italian music. djf1bi, who grew up in Italy, brings some Italian hip hop and Nyboe brings some Italian library music and soundtracks.
There’s also some Danish and Italian hip-hop connection and Nyboe is also playing from a record djf1bi gifted him from one of her trips to Italy.
All background music from this episode is also Italian.
Mario Trevi - Lacrema
Gary Stevan - Loving Tenderly (Background Music)
Kaos - Paura??!
Piero Umiliani - Nel Villagio (Background Music)
Mario Molino - L’Estasi
Mario Molino - Le Mani (Background Music)
Assalti Frontali - A 30 Miglia Di Mare
Piero Umiliani - Seychelles, Isole Dimenticate (Background Music)
Tony Iglio - Performance
Mario Molino - Bossa Jaguar (Background Music)
DJ Shocca feat. Inoki - Bolo By Night
Jay Richford - Feeling Tense (Background Music)
Leopoldo Perez-Bonsignore - Beatnik
Gerado Iacoucci & Mario Vinciguerra - Tangenziale Sud (Background Music)
Colle Der Fomento - Lato Oscuro
Mario Molino - T’amo (Background Music)
Jay Richford - Having Fun
Toni Astarita - Nu Peccatore (Background Music)
Pufuleti feat. Sean Lightfoot - Gizeh
The Green Birds - Cantabile Nostalgico (Background Music)
Movimento Studentesco Milanese - Palestina!
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