Zeihta discovered the passion for techno in her long trips around the world. After years of perfecting her sound and technique, she is an upcoming techno dj and producer based in Berlin.
Andre Crom - Chordal
Simo Lorenz - Megalod EX 2 (Luis Flores Remix)
Tom Hades - Lost In Black Senses
Ryan J Ford - Ketamax-50 (LGL76)
999999999 - 300000003
Works Unit - Sweatbox 
Bertrand - Spray (Dasha Rush Hypnotic Mix)
Steffi - Nightspacer
DVS1 - Solfâge's Framework
WK7 - Higher Power
Fadi Mohem - Insight 
Marcel Dettmann - Aim
Adriana Lopez - A Secret Behavior
Exium - Nucleoid (Jonas Kopp Remix)
ROD - Pull
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