Released as the conclusion of their Profound Mysteries audiovisual trilogy, Norway's Röyksopp wraps up an ambitious project exploring themes of love, loss, despair and reconciliation.

As a complete project, Profound Mysteries acts as the duo's initial foray into non-album territory, expressing how, after their ubiquitous 2014 release, The Inevitable End, the traditional album structure felt limiting in its form. Announced at the end of 2021 and released across 2022, Profound Mysteries I-III has ultimately featured a staggering collaborator list and presented as a multimedia project across platforms, disciplines, and media. A global cast of collaborators features across 30 tracks, 30 artefacts, and 30 films, including the likes of Alison Goldfrapp, Pixx, Susanne Sundfør, Astrid S, and Karen Harding, with remixes coming from the likes of &ME, Henry Saiz, Rodriguez Jr., and Township Rebellion. Australian visual designer Jonathan Zawada acts as the primary visual collaborator across the project, rendering unique 3D artefacts through hand-drawn characters, itself representative of the cross-discipline mission of the project - integrating the analogy and digital into both visualisation and recording. 

Though thematically linked, each of the Profound Mysteries explores its own respective sonic homage territories. While Volume II found its inspirations in Italo Disco, New Wave, and 90s UK Rave, Volume III journeys through 90s Synth Wave, Freestyle, and even the peripheries of Industrial, R&B and Dream Pop sensibility across its 10-tracks. Kicking off with the Portishead-inspired strings of downtempo So Ambiguous, Profound Mysteries III ultimately kick things into gear with the one-two punch of collaborative tracks Stay Awhile and The Night. The former, a collaboration with Norwegian songstress Susanne Sundfør, airs on the melancholic. At the same time, the latter, featuring Alison Goldfrapp, is a glitchy, electronica ode to the late hour congregation. These two tracks are followed by the Pixx-vocals of Lights Out, which seems ripped from the pages of the 90s Madonna classic, Frozen. But Lights Out leads into the most memorable composition of Profound Mysteries III, the nearly 10 minutes progressive epic Speed King, a bold composition traversing sonic motifs  peppered with ever slight French Filter House accents into something truly dynamic. Most remaining tracks across Profound Mysteries III live in the ethereal territory, juxtaposed breaks from the rest's more upbeat offerings until album closer Like an Old Dog reminds us of everyone's impending mortality through its own palette of otherworldly string swells.

A step up from the overly-nostalgic Profound Mysteries II, part III sees Röyksopp in a comfortable space of leftfield interest and introspective ideas, allowing a grittier and more unexpected offering. As an artistic evolution, it provides a solid foundation for the duo as multi-disciplinary visionaries whose future will undoubtedly build on the expanded universe of Profound Mysteries I-III is one full of passionate drama - a space opera as a whole, and a carefully constructed palette of emotion and homage.