Pliegues, the collaborative EP by Peru's DNGDNGDNG (the alter ego of premier multi-disciplinary artists Dengue Dengue Dengue) and Argentina's Prisma, is a mesmerizing journey that combines the unique musical styles of both prolific South American artists. Released via TraTraTrax in May 2022, the five-track EP presents a variety of infectious rhythms and hypnotic beats that transport the listener into an otherworldly soundscape of groove propulsion.

The Ep comes as the second collaboration between the artists, following the track Decajón of Dengue Dengue Dengue's Zanit & Nadir (2019) album. Make sure to catch Dengue Dengue Dengue as they headline the fifth Black Rhino Residency at Control Club on Saturday, 8th April.

Pliegues opens with its eponymous track, a complex and dynamic piece showcasing the collision of polyrhythms and powerful FM synth lines across the release. The second track, Brechas, is complex and energetic, building on the foundation with its atmospheric, percussion-led soundscapes. The EP then moves into Grietas, opening up the oneiric realm. It's contemplative uncertainty is the perfect conclusion to an EP that feels like a complete journey, with each track flowing seamlessly into the next.

The remixes package of Pliegues and Brechas comes by way of Colombia's Verraco and Queens' DJ Python, respectively. Verraco's remix is a bombastic, deconstructed, bipolar summer banger with an edgy sound design. In contrast, DJ Python's atmospheric and sentimental dembow remix of Brechas showcases his trademark breezy style with ever so subtle Moombahton touches.

Overall, Pliegues is an impressive collaborative effort that brings together the unique styles of Dengue Dengue Dengue and Prisma. The EP is a fascinating exploration of electronic music that combines experimental rhythms with Afro-Peruvian and Afro-Colombian influences, showcasing the DNGDNGDNG project as clearly as possible. Variant tempos, interlocking time signatures and polyrthm equally inspired by UK Bass and Latin American culture, that is Pliegues and DNGDNGDNG in a nutshell.