Fast, on target, meaningful, the modern UK hip hop is a pledge to consistency. With the commercial focus on grime, hip hop artists were able to play and explore without the pressure of 1 mill copies. In the UK hip-hop, there is no fight for who’s the king. There is no king. There is only the oppression of Babylon and the fight against it.

Book of the dead, the second album of Babylon Dead, speaks loud about the injustice in the society and the oppression. The lyrics of Mc JMan comes out hard and uncensored, directed to police and politicians. Through the album, the listener is introduced over and over again to the militant side of hip-hop music. JMan is a ragga MC in the vein of Mad Lion, making the features with Badness, Daddy Freddy, Devilman, Irah, Jamalski, Killa P, and Rider Shafique feel natural. JMan’s companion in Babylon Dead, producer Illinformed, brings in the 90s grimy, heavy boom-bap beats. The duo doesn’t come with a magic formula, but they get credit for finding one that works best for them.

No track feels squeezed in. The album’s energy is always present, but it gives the listener enough time to process the message. Don’t get me wrong, you will nod your head for all of the 18 tracks.

Released on the 5ft of September on Real.Life.Drama, the Book of the dead comes as a vinyl, CD, and cassette. On top of these, the album can be purchased with its specially designed comic book by Greg Blackman Art.