Already sold out for the second press, the latest release of Gaudi, '100 Years of Theremin', is stuck in space and time, perfectly encapsulating the philosophy of dub. Gaudi has created all the necessary conditions to take the listener into a bold intergalactic journey in the select company of the musical instrument Theremin. In his journey, he took along five of the world top dub producers: Scientist, Adrian Sherwood, Mad Professor, Dennis Bovell, and Prince Fatty.

'100 Years of Theremin (The Dub Chapter)' is a tribute to the Theremin instrument. Invented by the Russian physicist and engineer Lev Sergeyevich Termen aka Leon Theremin, this instrument is one of the first electronic musical instruments and the only touchless one. At first, it was supposed to emulate the violin, but it turned out to be a majestic innovation that creates sound using radio frequency oscillators. The story of its inventor is something of epic proportions straight out of a Russian espionage science fiction film. The 1993 documentary, Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey, directed by Steven M. Martin, tells quite a story about the creator and its creation. Theremin’s life story is like a paradox of the communist regime with stories of double agents, strange disappearances, awards, and imitators. The documentary could easily serve as an introduction to Gaudi’s release.

Released on Dubmission records, the album is a place where the dark vastness of space and silence is echoed sublimely. If once the instrument was soundtracking sci-fi classics, now the Theremin goes into Jamaican outer space territory.

The tribute album opens with Cinematic Dub, a collaboration with Mad Professor who provides a steady rockers rhythm upon with Gaudi builds layers of atmospheres. The journey continues with Cross to Theremin and Secret Service Dub featuring Dennis Bovell, two tracks that describe best the excellence of the dub British sound. Scientist collaboration for Smokin Dub is a sophisticated number with dancey high hats upfront in the mix and versatile synths.

Multi-instrumentist and experimentalist Dennis Bovell, producer of post-punk bands The Slits and The Pop Group, is featured on three productions: the syncopated shock valued Cross to Theremin, the twisted Secret Service Dub, and the joyous almost like a closing film credits tune, Heying Dub.

On-U Sound boss Adrian Sherwood is signing three other productions: Dub’s Nine Lives produces a waterfall of sounds that perfectly emulate flute and an overall religious feel. Dub Out the Theremin has a very dusty spaghetti western narrative and would have sounded awesomely remixed by Ennio Morricone. Gaudi and Sherwood's latest collaboration on the LP, Butterfly Dub, has an organic approach, naturally flowing like in a sound stream of a river.

Theremin Dub Mafia with Prince Fatty is a possible option as a single, maybe one of the catchiest numbers on the LP, with pounding immersive drum rolls and breaks. If Dennis Bovell, Mad Professor, and Adrian Sherwood bring a top-notch game showcasing the famous British dub sound, then The Scientist and Smokin Dub riddim fuels the atmosphere with large clouds of smoke, and replenishes the listener’s energy.

There is a red dot between the personnel involved in this record, if you say Prince Fatty, you inevitably say Horseman on drums, if you hear about a Dennis Bovell production, you rest assured the man plays all the string instruments himself. The same goes if you mention Scientist, you can rest assure you will witness the skills of Melodica player and producer Marc Dubiterian, too. And, wherever Adrian Sherwood will appear on a recording, so will Style Scott, Carlton Ogilvie, Flabba Holt, Steelie, and Bingy Bunny. Last but not least, when Mad Professor is on production, you might surely tune-in to the vibes of great musicians such as Preacher, Black Steel, and Zebby Cush.

Prepare yourself for the some mysterious sounds!

Mastered by Angus McNaughton at Auralux MasteringArtwork by Hamish MacaulayReleased by Dubmission Records