The future release of Giacomo Pellegrino, head honcho of the Italian label Detroit Side, explores the depth of the dub-techno realm. 'Dub Experience', due to be released on the 20th of February, is not skimpy with the music, the record time going a little bit over an hour. In an era of two or three tracks releases, every album put on the market is an act of hard work and bravery and should be treated with respect.

The first track is an intro to both the album, and to the next track, both called Cofete. It is intriguing how the two longest musical pieces of the album, Cofete and Golfe de Santa Giulia, received an intro track. Through this gimmick, Giacomo offers a preview to better prepare your ears and mind for the musical journey that lays ahead. I enjoyed both intros as they gave me a sample of what is about to come, creating a tension longer than just a few musical bars. Propper delays and atmospheric buildup on both intros.

On Punta Jadina, the composition is evocative, leaving the rhythmic section in the passenger seat. It feels like a pit stop after Cofete where the drums were on a fast pace, inducing the beginning of the journey. Playa De Sotavento speeds up the rhythm as the drums become more present and the hi-hats give more balance. Think of this track as the first day of spring when the energy starts to refill your body, supplying that boost the winter has put to sleep.

Golfe de Santa Julia and Bonifacio continue the logical construction of the album with tracks that switch the driver between the atmospheres and the rhythmic section. With each track covering more than 7 minutes, this relation confers the listener a balanced sense of motion, leaving time to concentrate on sounds, understanding them, and, at the same time, moving along with them.

On Porto Vecchio, the last track, dub is strong. You can sense and experiment with the relationship between the reverbs and delays as the sound moves from one ear to another like a master clock. The delays are not hitting hard but are long enough to keep you in a dreamy state.

The album awards calm and balanced energy, providing both the means and the tools to dig deep in your thoughts and emotions. As a vinyl-only release, I strongly advise you to book a copy and emerge on this one-hour exploration.