Released on the 12th of March by On the Corner Records, the debut album of Guedra Guedra is massive. Concept and music blend in spiritual polyrhythms that take over the dancefloor. 

From his Casablanca studio, producer Abdellah M Hassak, also known as Guedra Guedra, follows his 2020s first release, 'Son of the sun', and continues to tear down the borders from the North African continent. 'Vexillology'the album title, which is the science of flags, is both a counterpoint and a foundation for everything Hassak is constructing. Field recordings and samples used are all a mix of traditions from the old continent. You can feel how they breathe the same air and moves along the dunes at the same level. 

Guedra Guedra is not only a great musical anthropologist, but he is also an exquisite composer. The rhythms are all powered by sub-bass that keeps the heart pumping the adrenaline you need to go all the way to finish listening to the album. The music is not an invitation to dance is a provocative, irrefutable request. Only on Berber is an Alien, the last track of the album, you get the chance to rest and meditate on the experience you just had. 

Guedra Guedra comes as storm sand that covers everything behind him. Forget what you previously knew about contemporary music from Africa, as Guedra Guedra is here to take you on the next level of the journey.