Released on 26 of February on Bind Colour,  Ink Project's new album explores a wide range of tempos and genres. Producer Jez Lloyd sails on complex rhythms, introducing, one by one, the story chapters with the help of versatile voices of CoreysanFifi Rong, and Yazmyn Hendrix

On New Phase, Coreysan captures the meaning of the album title - ‘Rhythm Spirit’. The song feels like a mantra opening a new world. On a dubby, slow tempo rhythm, Coreysan sings the hope of tomorrow: A new phase, a new beginning, with a new taste for life and living”. 

Coreysan makes his return on Feeding the fire, this time on a fast pace tempo. The mix between the voice and instrumental creates a positive tension translated into a state of energy and calm. 

I enjoyed a lot the remix this track received from the Italian duo producers Babe Roots. They found an alternative way to resolve the tension the song creates. Other remixes were produced by El ChoopGaudi, and Sivey, each giving them their personal touch. 

On Slow suicide Fifi Rong blends her voice amazing on the dreamy pop instrumental, moving from spoken word to singing in an unperceivable manner. It is a song of hope, a rediscovery of the true self, and moving from anxiety to a state of tranquility and love. 

Fifi Wong returns on The End, where it seems she brings in her entire soul. Listening to her voice, I felt I was put back in the glory era of trip-hop. All the elements, carefully crafted, take the listener into a dreamy state. It is not the voice nor the instrumental who fights for your attention. They all blend in a perfect served dish. There is no surprise the track received such amazing remixes from Synkro, Pitch Black, Charles Webster, and Telemachus. 

It is a well-constructed production with guests that ad value and understands the overall album state of mind. You can consider the album as a one-hour Dj set, with music climbing on different rhythms without feeling the tempo going up and down.