Laurent Garnier, the Parisian electronic music pioneer, emerges from an eight-year hiatus with his highly anticipated solo album, 33 Tours Et Puis S'en Vont. This musical opus signifies a significant milestone in Garnier's illustrious career and serves as a poignant conclusion to his regular touring endeavours with perhaps his most dancefloor-oriented long player to date.

Reflecting the collective upheaval experienced within the dance industry during the pandemic, Garnier's journey mirrors the abrupt halt to weekends spent delving into the paradoxical world of dark rooms and limitless sonic exploration. Yet, as the strain of dystopia recedes, a new era dawns, where everything may be present, but nothing remains unchanged.

As one of the most revered figures in electronic music, Garnier's influence extends far beyond his illustrious career. His early experiences as a DJ at The Haçienda during the acid-house movement shaped his sound and solidified his position as a leading force in the genre. Over the years, he has consistently delivered groundbreaking albums, tracks (The Man With the Red Face, among many more), and captivating DJ sets, leaving audiences in awe with his technical prowess and unrivalled selection. With 33 Tours Et Puis S'en Vont, Garnier does not rest on his laurels but continues taking his artistry to new heights across a staggering 2.5 hours.

The album's tracklist is a testament to Garnier's versatility as a producer. From the hauntingly beautiful opener, Liebe Grüße Aus Cucuron, to the pulsating energy of Saturn Drive Triplex featuring the late Alan Vega of infamous duo Suicide fame, each track draws listeners into Garnier's eclectic sonic universe. Collaborations with artists such as French rapper 22Carbone on In Your Phase add an unexpected dimension, showcasing Garnier's willingness to challenge genre conventions. In this case, combining French rap with rolling techno percussion for a staple track in any of Garnier's recent sets.

Each track on 33 Tours Et Puis S'en Vont is meticulously crafted, offering a multi-dimensional experience that transcends the confines of the dancefloor. Garnier's attention to detail is evident in the rich textures, evolving melodies, and masterful use of rhythm that keep listeners engaged from start to finish. Take Sado Miso, for example - a veritable explosion that commences with a downtempo allure before blossoming into an electrifying drum & bass composition. Or, the epic Reviens la Nuit, spanning a captivating 14 minutes, gradually ascends to a euphoric hi-NRG crescendo.

The album's extensive sonic landscape draws from various influences; elements of techno, progressive house, and deep house blend seamlessly. Garnier's meticulous attention to detail shines through such suspenseful melodies and disco bassline on Au Clair de la Tune or the clever snare work and Reese bassline on Let the People Faire la Fête.

33 Tours Et Puis S'en Vont showcases Garnier's musical prowess and reflects his growth as an artist. The album departs from his previous works with a renewed focus on the dancefloor and a contemporary sound that resonates with both longtime fans and a new generation of listeners. Each track feels like a fully realized piece of music, with intricate arrangements and a sense of progression that keeps listeners thoroughly engaged throughout.

In a world where the dancefloor is in constant flux, 33 Tours Et Puis S'en Vont is a beacon of stability, a testament to the power of music to transcend time. As we embark on this new era with Garnier, we anticipate the next chapter in his musical journey, knowing that his spirit and talent will continue to inspire future generations.

For more on the career and impact of Laurent Garnier seek out Gabine Rivoire’s documentary, Laurent Garnier: Off the Record.