Valerinne, the emblematic local post-rock/post-metal ensemble, has sculpted immersive soundscapes since its inception in 2012. Their music, which we have described before as a "unique sound is both drone-ish, dystopic and with many hidden layers," aims to transcend mere expressions of feeling to encapsulate the essence of life itself. Their name, Valerinne, contrasts its gentle implied femininity and its music's intense, sharp nature. This juxtaposition is the keystone of their work, blending raw power with delicate beauty.

Their eighth release, Ver Sacrum, out on March 20, was announced with palpable excitement. It is self-described as their "heaviest release yet" and imbued with a crushingly optimistic outlook. Its title draws from ancient rites of spring and renewal, offering a narrative of rebirth and unyielding optimism amidst the chaos of the contemporary world. The album's thematic essence, inspired by Algernon Charles Swinburne's poetry, reflects on the cyclical nature of seasons — a metaphor for the perennial triumph of life and light over the shadows of the past. 

Similarly to their 2019 effort, Desire, Ver Sacrum, was recorded live at Studio148 under Marius Costache's meticulous ear. As a result, the album's production is both raw and refined. The live recording approach inherently captures Valerinne's electrifying performance dynamics, in turn adding a layer of intimacy to the project. The haunting and evocative album artwork from DaČ™ is a further complement to this.

Ver Sacrum is comprised of five meticulously crafted tracks. As a whole, it is a masterclass in dynamic contrast. From the outset with lead single Frostlys, Valerinne sets an expansive tone that fluctuates between moments of serene beauty and tumultuous crescendos.
The journey through Hibernalia, Seelenglaube, Cataegis, and the concluding In Flore Pleno showcases the band's adeptness at blending ethereal melodies with a palpable sense of heaviness across (almost all) ten-minute+ tracks. Each track traverses lush soundscapes that seemingly emerge from the sonic depths of the band's imagination, guided by the powerful yet nuanced vocal-less instrumentation that has formed its foundation.

Artistically, the album reflects the introspective and explorative approach to music that has garnered Valerinne a steady international cult following. Their description of their work as a conduit for more than mere feelings but as an expression of life itself resonates throughout.

After the drone-ish Desire or arthropodic debut Kunstformen der NaturVer Sacrum represents a significant moment for Valerinne.

On Thursday, March 21st, Valerinne will launch the album with an expansive live performance at Control Club.