Black Rhino Talks are an open and friendly space dedicated in sharing knowledge, ideas and opinions. With these series of discussions we aim to bring more focus on people and projects from within the creative industries who managed to leave a blueprint in their field of work.

For the second episode of our Black Rhino Talks we invited Cage, founder member of Sweet Damage Crew and co-owner of the graffiti Corner Shop. Our discussion follows the raise of one of the most productive graffiti crew in Romania - Sweet Damage Crew. These guys paintings can be found both on the streets but also in the big brand's offices. We reached topics such as the role this crew plays in promoting graffiti outside its natural habitat, enlarging peoples perspective about this form of art, the management of such a crew and the evolution of graffiti culture in Romania.

Sweet Damage is a crew created by four graffiti writers from Romania. Each member has a unique style developed in many years of work in this domain. The official team members are Cage, Biex, Recis and Lost.Optics. Starting 2015 they have new additions to the team. Pandelee, Boeme & Shatran. Their collaboration started in this formula after taking part in some national and international graffiti contests.

Video and edit by Good stuff.

Wall painted by: Recis, Pandele, Lost.Optics and Cage