Black Rhino Talks are an open and friendly space dedicated in sharing knowledge, ideas and opinions. With these series we aim to bring more focus on people and projects, from within the creative industries, who managed to leave a blueprint in their field of work.

For the first episode we have invited Tudor Chiliman, co-organiser of Waha Festival, a playful event happening in the heart of Romania. Our conversation with Tudor follows Waha's first steps, its mission and future plans.Growing organically from one year to another, the festival reached its 6th edition in 2017 without having any sponsor. We believe that their work and dedication is a model of good practice that may inspire other people. Follow our discussion and find out more.

Waha means celebration, manifestation, vibration, dancing, cooperation, sharing, harmony & love. Waha sounds joyful, tribal and resonant. Waha aims to be more than a party, but an expression of existence. A space where you can be who you really are, expand your consciousness and join the others in learning, working together and helping each other to raise our level of awareness. In the process of evolution we transform ourselves, we change the way we feel, think, see and act. We try to make a bit of magic happen while having a good time. We invite all free spirits and open minds, regardless of nationality, age, sex and race to join this gathering.

Video and edit by Good stuff.