Black Rhino Talks are an open and friendly space dedicated in sharing knowledge, ideas and opinions. With these series of discussions we aim to bring more focus on people and projects from within the creative industries who managed to leave a blueprint in their field of work.

In a time when clubs are closing or are being shut down by different state policies we wanted to bring more focus upon the work of club owners and managers. For our third episode we have invited Raluca and Andrei Șoșa, owners of Expirat Club. Our discussion follows the early beginnings of Expirat Club, the problems encountered and their future plans.

Expirat exists in the Romanian urban landscape since 2002. Functioning as a bar, club, indoor concerts and events venue and terrace, Expirat is the place that keeps you connected to the underground culture. Through the live acts and DJ sets it promotes, through its design, its crowds and its attitude. Expirat delivers alternative culture bundled with a positive vibe. The recipe: music, atmosphere, people.

Video and edit by Good stuff.

Expirat was established in Bucharest in 2003 as an alternative music venue and it evolved from there, becoming the oldest and most popular open-format club in Bucharest. A flagship venue for all things underground. After 14 event seasons spent in a basement on Brezoianu Street, in the old center of Bucharest, Expirat relocated to a medium size warehouse, Sala Compresoarelor, similar in aspect and logistics to the Melkweg Oude Zaal in Amsterdam, situated in the Halele Carol complex, near one of Bucharest’s most beautiful parks (Carol I Park).