Black Rhino Radio partners with glo, and presents glo Creative Camp Talks, a series of interviews that emphasize the camp experience.

glo Creative Camp is a project of Electric Castle Festival, which joins artists for three weeks at the seaside in a camp dedicated to music production. The outcome of the creative camp is to have produced 3 new songs, remixing on different genres and creating a new, artistic output. The three tracks will be released after the camp, both digital and physical, on a record made from recycled plastic.

The camp has two studios, one at Arome22, in Eforie Sud, and one on the beach, at Cochilia. Recording and jamming between the two, the artist are given a relaxing and conforting medium to produce music. Each week a different mentor selects a group of musicians to join him in remixing an old song, bringing to life the old spice in a new and modern composition. 

The camp's first week was all about hip-hop. Mcs, producers, and instrumentists joined the glo Creative Camp to remix a track. The mentor for this week was Grasu XXL, who invited Phnve (producer), Vlad Borborea (drummer, producer), Vlad Flueraru (artist), and Paul Iorga (producer, guitarist). They were joined by two contest winners, Darius Hergheliu and Bogdan Ghir─âu, who took part at the process of production and recording, learning new skills and creating new relations for their future musical journey. 

As the mentor for this session, Dragos (Grasu XXL) decided on the track to remix. He chose Mihaela Runceanu, ”Sperante vis, sperante flori”. The artist had one week to sample and recreate a new composition based on this track. In the interview taken by Bogdan Dracea & Codin Oraseanu for Black Rhino Radio, the artists spoke about their experience in the camp, the highs and the lows of such an experience, and what were the challenging parts of camp. 

Follow the first out of the four series episodes, on Black Rhino Radio on the 31st of August, 12:00 to 13:00, Bucharest time.