This is the premiere of a new Peter Harris and Lee 'Scratch' Perry tune, Nothing is really something. This is a collaboration of the Jamaican legend with musician, concept artist and performer Peter Harris. The song also features mixing and drumming by Fritz Catlin of avant-funk, post-punk, experimental band 23 Skidoo.

Nothing is really something features on "Our Music", a fundraising download compilation to help Our Kitchen On The Isle Of Thanet alleviate people suffering of food poverty. The organisation run by volunteers provides high quality affordable food for low income pensioners and families. They help people who are struggling to get a proper, nutritious diet. With over 24% of Thanet's children living in poverty, food becomes an issue and is often overlooked. They try and help with Meal Kits, Recipe Cards in two shops. People can come and shop good quality foods at about 40% of the normal supermarket cost, and leave with a sense of dignity as well as a full shopping bag.

"Our Music" is released today through Bandcamp. It costs £5 which fits with our ethos that the good things shouldn't just be for people with money. You can pay more if you want, or buy it multiple times as presents. Not a bad idea with Christmas coming up.

Nothing is really something will also be featured in the updated release of Harris's film Higher Powers which he began making in 2002. This is when he first met Lee Perry and inspired by their meeting they began making drawings and paintings together, the most well-known being a series of over 140 drawings called The Higher Powers Bible - from Genesis to Revelation.

They also began making music together. In 2017 Harris began working with Trashmouth Records and released a solo album called Adverts, which featured a Lee Perry collaboration. The accompanying video features excerpts from the film along with footage of Perry's and Harris's art collaborations shot in Perry's studio in Switzerland. 'This song is from a special session during my visual collaboration with Lee Scratch Perry, The Higher Powers Bible: From Genesis To Revelation." Peter Harris