w/ matei, noidzsh & djfacmuzica
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aim+wall is an incubator for musical exploration. through a combination of radio shows, dj sets, and productions, the group aims at bringing forth and meshing together leftfield and obscure sounds of the electronic music spectrum. be it uk bass, chicago footwork, jungle, electro, or idm, the group strives to find unity in diversity and expose it to the world.
Puce Mary - Enter Into Them
Barker - Models Of Wellbeing
Tibia - Opia
re:ni - Spirits
Objekt - Glanfeld
Mathis Ruffing - Across The Fibre
Loraine James - Break It Down
Bluematter - Blankness
DJ Hank - Stay
DJ Rashad - Teknitian
Al Wootton - Number, Weight, Division
Slikback - SEQUENCE
Windowshopping - Amethyst Sex Magick
DJ Swisha - Methods
DJ Paypal - Go Off!
Samurai Breaks - Jitterbug (Coco Bryce Remix)
Tim Reaper - Lights off, Heads Down (Sully Remix)
Forest Drive West - Sustain
Brain Rays & Quiet - Ataru Flip
96 Back - Just Fine V1
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