w/ Admina, Chlorys, von Buelove & Dar Adal
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Bucharest based selector, Dar Adal has been around for many years, travelling through different music spheres while constantly evolving. His music cannot be narrowed down to a single sound or a dimension and he always invites you on a journey of real depth into space and cyberspace, time and genre. He is one of the artists who invariably draws his listeners in with hauntingly subtle beats and a ghostly feel. He manages to surprise while imposing strange yet hypnotic aesthetics, based on complex polyrhythms while refusing any linearity. As comfortable with the 80s synthetic disco as with elements of techno, darkwave, experimental or even spicy ethnic notes, this entire range of influences is reflected in every set he delivers: the result is a narrative that you are advised to follow carefully from the beginning to its very end, in order to perceive all its notes and subtleties.
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