Dub Gone Jazzy

w/ Mizizi
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Strictly deep & dubby reggae jazz tunes and instrumentals selected by Mizizi, hailing from Novi Sad, Serbia.
Exploring strong connections between Jamaican styles and Afro-American jazz, these sessions bring warm sound for your listening enjoyment, relaxation and daily dose of bass vibration.
Showcasing not only vintage rocksteady, ska & early reggae scorchers by Studio One, Cedric Brooks, Tommy McCook, Ernest Ranglin and many other Jamaican jazz legends but this show keeps it relevant with the latest compositions of Nat Birchall, Alvin Davis, Alien Dread, Hornsman Coyote, King Cooper, Soothsayers and other young reggae jazz instrumental artists including many fresh, exclusives, rare and underground tunes. 
The show is dedicated to the true, beautiful and powerful essence of African music and it’s modern derivatives which continue modifying its shapes and influencing modern-day both popular and underground music. 
Jah Jazz Orchestra - Black Narcissus
Rotterdam Ska -Jazz Foundation - Ranglin Man
Roots Inspiration meets Al Breadwinner - Can't Stop The Times & Dub
Vin Gordon & The Breadwinners - Salvation Dub (live dubplate mix)
The Inn House Crew ft. Vin Gordon - Blood Red & Dub
Tu Shung Peng - Love Horns
Livity Allstars - Cultural Horns
Napoli Rockers Syndicate - Throughout The Horns
Dub Shepherds - Palm Beach Blues
Jamaican Jazz Orchestra - Rain Walk
Deep Steady - Tanyeechka
Backery All Stars ft. Nat Birchall - Send Me That Love
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