w/ Esqu
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Once every four weeks, don’t miss the chance to tune in and immerse yourself in an eclectic musical experience with Esqu, music producer hailing from Bucharest, Romania. An hour of twisted dark sounds, from jazz and prog rock to electronica and hip hop with the occasional sprinkle of unreleased goodies, get ready for a unique and unexpected sonic journey.
Art Of Noise - Love Beat
Chick Corea - Crystal Silence
Czeslaw Niemen - Inside I'm Dying
Aminadav Aloni - Fulfilment
Junior Mance - I Believe to My Soul
Evelyn "Champagne" King - The Show Is Over
Matthew Larkin Cassell - Heaven
Margie Joseph - (Strange) I Still Love You
MF DOOM - Doomsday
The Newcomers - Too Little In Common To Be Lovers
Tony Hymas - Soft Illusion
Pierre-Alain Dahan - Slim Bertha
Kendrick Lamar - Cloud 10
Brnkush - Visuri*
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