w/ Carol
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Difficult to fit into a certain pattern, INSRT’s main purpose is to create an audio experience built on the foundation of the most under-rated music genres. Bringing up on some of the most experimental artists or carefully curating some of the best post tunes, the bi-monthly show will be a different kind of playground.
Minuit Machine - Ballet
Dancing Plague - Cataracts
Lebanon Hanover - I Have a Crack
Paradox Obscur - Voxiter
All Your Sisters - Come Feel
Night Sins - Annihilator
Selofan - Un Amor Etterno
Rue Oberkampf - Tokyo
Ritual Howls - This is Transcendence
Keluar - Instinct
Forever Grey - The Style Is Death
Buzz Kull - Dreams
The Agnes Circle - Monument
In Death It Ends - We All Die
Geometric Vision - Slowemotion