New Folder

w/ Alex Frăti
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New Folder is a monthly show featuring a surprise 2h music bundle every time. Alex Frăti is going cherry picking, so tune in for some special sounds, full of flavour and essence. He might have guests, he might mix some tunes, he might deliver a playlist, every month will be a surprise and joy to hear.
Vendi - Lohere
Janeret - Ether
The Black Tone - Aquatic redox (Janeret remix)
Teluric - Bouncin' Tanz
Suie Paparude - Minute (Emi edit)
Artists from Nowhere - Latte express
Archie Hamilton - Informer (S.A.M. remix)
Idana - Waterfront
youandewan - Loophole
Derek Carr - Metro city
Rowlanz - Sol
Kirik - Herbs & Plants
Lee Burton - Horizontal Falls
Derek Carr - Solar Storm
Den Haas - Morning
Miguelle - Elena
Unknown artist - Esprit
Teluric - Orange sunset
Janeret - Astral
Tripmastaz - Ya zdes
Bryz - Solar
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