Odd Groove

w/ Cocco Mio & Te Doare
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Te Doare is a selector and music enthusiast currently activating in Cluj-Napoca part of Colectiva Gazette. He’s exploring storytelling through sound defining his style into soundscapes and noise, challenging us into a journey of listening not just hearing.
Opal - Grains Of Sand
Karamika - Ton 01
Tadi Ft. Djkr - Seven Diamond Lines
Gem-k - Dreamless Sleep
The Starseeds - Parallel Life
Benedikt Frey & Tim Toh Ft. Lukas Diller - Angst
Ted Milton - Love Is Like A Violence
I.a.o. - Feel The Forgotten Sense
Angelo Bandalamenti - Dance Of The Dream Man
Yasuaki Shimizu - Crow
Throbbing Gristle - Walkabout
Suicide - Rocket Usa
Il Quadro Di Troisi - On The Site
Jonnine - You Can Leave The Vampires
Chris & Cosey - Percusex
Why? - Good Friday(Boards Of Canada Remix)
Seefeel - Blue Easy Sleep
Zru Vogue - Still So Unsure
Company Flow - Info Kill Ii
Sensational - Dope Man
Antipop Consortium - Systolic Quiescence
Joy Orbison Feat Herron - Sparko
Dj Plead - Rt2
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