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Omcuom is a musical journey where sound intertwines or, in other words, is looking to breathe in between cultural topics that concern our contemporary life.

The show consists of two hours of personal sound selections interplaying with debates over an art theme, occasionally with special guests.
The music will have a lyrical tendency and will vary in genres, from electronic to cinema music all the way to retro-electro and crypt-hop. 

Prepare yourself to taste cultural and artistic topics from some of the most active social actors, architects, musicians and curators of our times, plus some philosophical instances that seem to highlight their working paths, all carefully chosen from great magazines and recent publications.
Tripmastaz, Hitch Remix - Aint Made 4 you
Mall Grab& Brendan Yates - Understand
Kito - Smr3jdr
Nina Eba& Bomb Dylan - Wanna Know
Шато Леопард/Shato Leopard, Subhuman Edit - Рэп Собачий (Rep Sobachiy )
White Town - Wanted
Social Glitch - You can be the boss-remix
Posk - of Disclosure-When A Fire Starts To Burn remix
Or-la - Mes-160
HAAi - It s Something We Can All Learn From
f_ar - Love War _+ (-Violence)
Kazi Ploae - Nimic nu e o concluzie
Rroxymore - This Is Not What You Think
Velvet Velour - Wonderful World Of You
Leix & Hitch - Mr. Slade
Шато Леопард/Shato Leopard - Pshychobuilding
Roxi Yung - Lucky one
Lilaya - Playing Is So Good but No One Understands
Frenic - Are you listening
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