Povești de adormit adulții dintr-o singură suflare

w/ Overlord Supersomnic Records
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Exploring the noise of the wild wild east one song and stubborn thought at a time, with some guy that loves the sound of his voice.  Sergiu zis Sergiu Overlord Supersomnic Records and his ego think that they`ve found the formula to the perfect alternative song, but that would mean to listen to all of them for context. It`s alright, we have time.

Silently fighting festival culture one cassette tape at a time and traveling through ideas at sloth speed, trying to find out why Zdob si Zdub – Hardcore moldovenesc is a perfect hardcore album, still unmatched. With the risk of becoming an old man screaming at clouds, we`ll explore our native sounds for all its cracks and bruises, pointing fingers left, right and center – if it does not bleed from the heart, it`s not worth the effort. The west has gone mad with vanity and all we have left is to build better heroes here.

This is Povești de adormit adulții dintr-o singură suflare – the thoughts and noise of a delusional madman obsessed with the idea that music can be fixed, if we just stop selling out for a minute or so.
Porcupine Tree - Harridan
Botch - To our friends in the Great White North
Moon Tooth - Igneous
Liturgy - Generation
Implant pentru Refuz - Ocean feat. Dora Gaitanovici
Fuck you! Dracu - Moare Iliescu
Idles - War
El Michels Affair - Murkit Gem feat. Piya Malik
The Retuses - RE
LUNA - Free Love
Drama - Years
Alone at parties - Board games
Soft Hair - Lying has to stop
El Shirota - RTL
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