The Cut

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Berber Ox - Magnetic Assembly
Eguana - Vacuum Gardens
Yves De Mey - A F m 1
Atom™ -  Rural Girl Simulacrum
Campfire Giant - Crosshatched and Fibrous
Puce Mary - Gaba For Medea
Gothenberg - Sound Workshop II (CD2)
Ornu - Panteleimona
Matmos - Anti-Antiphon (Absolute Decomposition) / Anty-Antyfona (Dekonstrukcja na całego)
Danny Skripp - The Origin (Wunderblock NoEvolutionDub)
Rafael Anton - Irisarri Cynefin
Mind Over - MIDI Measure
Digitonal - Gold of the Azure (Marconi Union Remix)
ATOP - Invisible
Daniel Menche - Forlorn I
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