w/ Hip Hop la Feminin: Andria & of__mai
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of__mai enjoys exploring the physicality of sound, ranging from tunes that fill out rooms to tunes that fill out hearts. her taste compass is driven by one thing only - those little hits of !!! you get from discovering something you really like.
Alicia Keys - Feeling U, Feeling Me (Interlude)
Qendresa - Real Luv
Yasmin Angel - Sidelines
Rosey Pyramid ft. Destxmido - Geoffed
Joy Crookes - Yah/ Element
SZA ft. Travis Scott - Love Galore
Dexter - Pressure
Zilo - In my PJ's
Greentea Peng - Hu man
Pip Millett - Slow
Doja Cat - No police
J P Rose - One n only
Blue Iverson - Hush money
Lala &ce ft. Le Diouck - Freaky all night
Adi Oasis - Middle
Lala &ce - Bon Temps
Crystal Murray - Other Man
Princess Nokia - Felicity Island
Greentea Peng - Be Careful
Karry Faux feat. Jerry Paper - Gotta Know
Saul feat. Poppy Ajudha - Earth & Rain
Seb Wildblood feat. Lex Amor - Night Ride
Gallegos - Note 2 Self
Junglepussy - Trader Joe
Sudan Archives - Not For Sale
Solange - Can I Hold the Mic (interlude)
JGrrey - Ready 2 Die
Mary J. Bilge - My Life - Commentary
Junglepussy - Somebody
Floetry - Say Yes
Yaya Bey - side B / social distancing take 1
Wu-Lu, Ego Ella May, Lex Amor - Legend
Zakisha Brown - Purpose
Solange - Nothing Without Intention (interlude)
30/70 - Tempted
Nubiyan Twist, Nubiya Brandon - Permission
Solange feat. Kelly Rowland & Nia Andrews - Interlude: I Got So Much Magic, You Can Have It
Nubiyan Twist - Work House
Shaolinn - Free Range
Solange - We Deal With the Freak'n (intermission)
Jaguar Wright - The What If's
Maddison McFerrin - Insane (Single Edit)
Sudan Archives - Stuck
Lex Amor, Maxwell Owin, Dani Sofiya - Quarter Century
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